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Friday, April 17, 2009


Mamas flub, too.
It's not something to rue.
At least not too much.
It makes us more true,
like someone you can really touch!

So my flub of the day
was not remembering to stay
at home instead of going to dance.
So off to class we did prance.
Only to find the door locked
and you should've seen Ria's glance!
I could well tell she was shocked.

To be totally frank
I felt a bit blank.
And then SPRING BREAK sprang
into my head, really rang.
I felt a bit mentally over cuddled
and shared the bit of Mama-mind-muddled.
Ria, shaming me in every word,
chastised me for being befuddled.
And I did feel like a big fat turd.

But then I felt it important to remind
my eldest daughter to be more kind.
And took a moment or two
to remind her, "This effort is for you!"
I expressed the need
for her to take heed
and help her Mama, so forgetful,
of HER dance schedule!
She seemed to realize
that she really did have a part to help Mama not look a fool.
This daughter of mine, what a prize!

Not always, of course.
We have plenty of days of remorse.
When she doesn't mind
and is often unkind.
But more and more often,
she does, my heart soften,
with her sweet gentle ways.
She makes the best of her days.
And to top it all to me
she is smart as smart can be.
She read and loves to learn
and helps as much as she can see
a way to help and take a turn.

A wonderful life.
Even when full of strife.
Hope is my haven.
I'm the new hope Maven!
Only through Father's sweet Grace
and Mercy can I say such with a mostly straight face.
I took it as a challenge to have Hope
when it seems like the world is trying to hang itself with a rope.
And Father has blessed me beyond measure.
With peace and joy and His love to treasure.
You should try it too
I'm sure you will find treasures, not a few.
And what could it hurt
to feel hope when there's so much to rue?
It's a way to, with Heaven, flirt!

So, the missing dance class (heeheehee) was actually on Thursday the 16th,
but I wanted to make sure I had a poem for Friday. (I'd rather not get behind!)


vicki said...

Wow! what a story in poem. Look forward to talking to you and Ria to hear more about it all. with love, your mama is tired!

Barbara Frank said...

I enjoy reading your poetic posts....a refreshing change from most blogs :)

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