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Friday, April 24, 2009


Again today, off to work with Dad.
I really didn't want this particular fad.

Saturday will be a break.
But Friday was a bit of messy cake.

Not as busy as yesterday, for sure.
(Perhaps we're on our way to a cure.)

We dropped Daddy off at work.
Then to the grocery store to lurk.

Loading up on loss leaders, I had a list prepared.
I saved more than forty dollars, if anyone cared.

Canned veggies, fifty cents a piece,
spaghetti sauce, and mac-n-cheese.

Beginning again to gather our pantry three-month supply.
It's always a process, but this time I think it'll fly.

Having more money with which to devote,
it's a good feeling, but I don't mean to gloat.

It's certainly not boasting in and of ourselves.
But to God all praise for filling our shelves!!!!!!

Gratitude constantly fills my heart
that His Love is so big and He's SO smart!

I don't think I would've been this focused
without past experience, and all the ways we've been hocus-pocused.

Written Saturday the 25th.


vicki said...

Neat to learn of your savings at grocery! I appreciate the hard work of the thrify mom, the providing dad and Heavenly Father's blessing! love, mom

Our family said...

Chris and I are very impressed! Not just with your ability to save your money but rhyme day-in and day-out. Pretty impressive! =D

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