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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Book Basket; not a poem

Mine is actually a Book Bag. I have to be able to transport the books we borrow from the library in my babyjogger (basically my vehicle). With the addition to my calling it's going to be more important for us to look into purchasing Jess his "ached for" Honda moped thingy. I'm anxious about adding another bill, but it's really REALLY difficult to drive Jess to work (leaving around 7:30am) and picking him up, which involves waking the girls and putting them to bed AGAIN. *sigh*

Today was library day (Story Time), which is why I won't have reviews for more of the books.

Here are Ria's books (she'll finish them by Wednesday, assuming everyone stays healthy):
Junie B Jones Is Captain Field Day by Barbara Park
Junie B Jones Smells Something Fishy-I think it was funny. I thought it was a little fishy to me because Junie B was walking a fish with a dog collar. Keep in mind she is 5, so her reviews are not detailed as yet. ^_^
Junie B Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket

(Capital Mysteries) #7 Trouble at the Treasury by Ron Roy
(Capital Mysteries) #8 Mystery at the Washington Monument
(Capital Mysteries) #9 A Thief at the National Zoo
Ria has already finished the rest of the A to Z Mysteries AND Capital Mysteries, so she'll be reading the rest of the Junie B books and then she'll be moving into something else... not sure what yet!

I'm reading a series I'll probably move her into before too long. Each book will likely take her a week to 10 days to complete (unless she LOVES them like I do). I've already read 3 of the books and they are very good:
Circle of Magic; Briar's Book by Tamora Pierce (I've read Tris's and Daja's Books, but haven't yet read Sandry's of this group of 4.)
The Circle Opens #2 Street Magic
The Circle Opens #3 Cold Fire (I DID read #1 in this group.)

I'm reading ON THE BANKS OF PLUM CREEK to the girls at night before bed.

And these are the books I'll read to Kat:
Mama Tiger, Baby Tiger by Juli Mahr (Ria has been interested in the big animals, so Kat enjoys them too. ^_^)
Bumble Bees by Fran Howard - Kat is interested in learning more about flowers, plants, and seeds. So, perfect to go with more about the pollinators, too. ^_^
The Paperbag Prince by Colin Thompson - I got it just because it looked cool; cool title!
I'd Choose You! Giving the Blessing to Your Child by John Trent, Ph.D. - I chose it because it looked like it would have a good message. Ria said, "I loved it. I've always loved it." I don't remember it.
Humpphrey The Lost Whale a True Story by Wendy Tokuda and Richard Hall - Ria and Kat (because of Ria) are very interested in water creatures. ^_^

Join the group of peeps sharing their library borrowing habits and efforts at The Happy Housewife. I'm doing it... but you don't have to, if you don't want to.


Tracey said...

We only recently discovered the A to Z and Capitol mysteries and my eight and six-year-olds both enjoy them!

The Happy Housewife said...

I have never heard of the Capitol mysteries, I am going to have to see if our library has them, they sound neat. Thanks for sharing your books!

vicki said...

All the books I have scattered about to read, and I may check out a few more. Gotta see what my Fla girls are reading.
love, mom

Anonymous said...

Nice list! We really like Junie B. Jones. :) There are a few on here I have seen. I'll have to make a note of it and check them out. :)

Mama Mezzo said...

After Junie B. Jones check out the Magic Tree House series. My girls love them. They are collecting the series along with the fact books that go with it. It's a really easy book for my oldest one but she's still into them and the youngest one loves practicing her reading on them.

Amy said...

Sounds like a great list! We read Little House in the Big Woods recently and I am looking forward to moving ahead with the rest of the series!

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