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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Poetry Month

I'd never
ever wondered
what an Ant tasted like.

The surprising tickle
and tingle
totally caught me off guard.

I was only trying
to drink
my water.

Neglecting to look first
is obviously
a mistake.

Saliva sopping
decrepit ant,
I pulled from my mouth.

Heebie jeebies
running up
and down my back.

A fighter,
it wiggled
and squirmed.

And then stopped.

I tried to drop it
into the trash.

It wouldn't slip.

So, I pushed it
onto the desk.

Left it.

Later checked it.

Lithely crawling away.

So glad my efforts
at euthanasia
were unsuccessful.

What an

I wonder
if it will carry
someone's contact*

What do you think? It's been a VERY long while since I wrote any poetry. But, stick around and you may just get one a day this month! Wouldn't you LOVE that?!!?? ^_^



Love 'em. Just be kind. (Or try when you say my writing is total refuse.)

*Don't understand the contact reference?  CLICK HERE

1 comment:

vicki said...

I liked it. IT is cute. On second reading i understood "the contact", was puzzled initally.

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