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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Found Flower

Isn't it pretty, Mama
she said.
A fake flower in her hand.

Agreement was easy,
clarification difficult.

Pretty but fake
I huffed as I walked.

What does that mean:

Something that isn't
really real.

Well, why would someone
put a fake flower
in their yard?

Maybe they wanted something pretty there.
They might have wanted to fool others.. Who knows!

They want to trick people
... ... OR maybe it's a clue!

A clue?
What kind of clue?

Maybe they are trying to leave
a clue.

And now I need
to find
the next one.

Well, we're almost home.

Oh, Mama!
The next one
...will be in our HOUSE!

Newly, my little detective.
Her latest series: A to Z Mysteries. She's on Q! ^_^

I wonder
the next clue will be!

1 comment:

vicki said...

I enjoyed the way you convey this story with the 5yo detective. Neat! love,mom

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