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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quietly Reading

I'm trying to read ahead.
It's been happening often while abed.

Ria's reading so very fast.
I'm trying to find a new good cast.

Since she seems to really enjoy series of books.
I'm reading The Circle Opens, which requires many looks.

They are significantly longer.
And will require her focus to get stronger.

I'm sure she'll love that there's magic throughout.
But I'm afraid the thickness will cause her to pout.

However a mean Mom I may seem,
I encourage her so strongly because we're a bit of a team.

So Wednesday afternoon I spent a lot of time reading.
And took breaks when my girls were pleading.

The morning we were busy with a short beach trip.
To play in the waves and have a picnic, the girls did "flip"!

They were so happy for such a rare pleasure.
And the company of friends was an added treasure.

Mixed in with afternoon reading time
I spent some moments just being, which isn't a crime!

Kat yearns for cuddles galore.
And I always want to hold her more.

So a little time was spent
trying to, in our need, put a dent.

Tea has become a little selfish of Mama's lap.
She fussed and tried to get Kat away with, from her hands, a tap.

I'm not having any of that.
I learned my lesson with her sister Kat!

Ria, able to read the way she is,
sees me doing and then she does.

So Wednesday was a nice quiet day.
Good in many many a way.

The rest of the week was a bit of a riot of busy!
You'll wonder how I kept from having a tizzy.

At least, I wonder a bit in my mind.
It's ALL the Lord, for He is SO kind.

This was written on Saturday morning at 2:39am; trying to catch up again.

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vicki said...

Nancy Drew and the Harding boys books may be of interest. I may have read one of the boy books, but is about BOYs. I enjoyed the Nancy Drew, owned a few, read a few more. She'll read of things in days gone by, though as the setting is not her century. I wonder. Maybe some publisher has had the series rewritten to fit these time. Dunno.
love, mom

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