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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Too Much Thursday

Today was the first of a couple BUSY days.
If you know me, my busy-ness may amaze.

I really prefer, as much as I can,
to stay in my home putting paper with pen.

Actually, I don't get to do that much
but I would do, if I could do such!

We departed with Daddy at 7:30am, quite early!
To get him to work when the sky was still all pearly.

Mama needed the van to get to a meeting late in the day.
So, early to drop Daddy we rose and went away.

We returned and baby was SLEEPY.
So Mama laid down to calm "little weepy".

An hour later the time arrived for another departure.
This time off to the playground, my children to lure.

It's easy when the treat is play
and then a story at the libra-ray.

10am, I was almost on time.
Though lateness isn't a crime.

11am Story Time came.
We dashed over and I felt quite lame.

I thought we were completely timely.
We were welcomed in, as always, kindly.

Story Time finished, we made our way home.
With Mama's poor head feeling all full of foam.

Sleepy, SO sleepy, we all took a nap.
And wakened in hopes of a visitor's hand flap. (knock on the door)

When Kelly came the girls were so excited.
She came with us to Dance, they were delighted.

Directly after dance we rushed
Mama was sure we were late, I was totally flushed.

According to the clock on the wall
I had 2 minutes to spare, good call!

Out after 9pm and then off to get Dad.
I hope NOT to make this sort of day a personal fad.

But then, perhaps I should not think such a thing.
Death will bring rest from cares, of truth that does ring.

But cares does not refer to WORK.
Even in Heaven we will not be able to shirk.

So, while here, part of our myriad duties
is to learn to love work as well as our cuties.

Written on Saturday the 25th.

1 comment:

vicki said...

Wow, and oh boy! two to read, no..there's three! What a treat for me.
I read that Sat. will be a break. I thought that was your region's service day. Is your family participating?

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