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Friday, April 3, 2009


She cut her hair
Over there.

On the kitchen floor
near the cabinet door.

She sneaked some scissors from a pack
In the cabinet, way in back.

Mama's reaction was a bit extreme
But perhaps not as much as it does, to me, seem.

Sent to her room to think about her behavior
And Mama needs more meditation on our Savior.

Called her out
She did pout.

Scissors from my cosmetology bag,
And snipping I did almost gag.

Her hair was touching the top of her back
Up to her chin is where I did hack.

No bun in her hair
And she doesn't care!

No pictures yet.
You'll like them, though, I bet.

Jess, and everyone else, says it's cute.
But I really don't give a toot.

I love my girls to have long tresses.
They look so sweet in their church dresses.

It's much easier for dance, too.
Short hair on my active girl is easy to rue.

I'll come around, you'll see.
It's impossible to stay upset at my busy little bee.

She's an apple of my eye.
A Star in my night sky.

She actually cut her hair the night before last, but I couldn't even think about it yesterday. It's been upsetting for me, to say the least. *sigh*

I AM trying for the poem a day here in my blog. In case you couldn't tell. To participate officially, I would have to write my poems in the official form and allow them to be accessible to all the other writers participating. I haven't written poetry in AGES (before the ones in here this month!). And I know it's quite embarrassing, what I'm writing here. It's not good and I wouldn't want to put it out there for real poets to read and deride. Yall will love me no matter how horrible my poetry and prose. ... At least, I hope you will!! ^_^


vicki said...

guess it shows how good a critic I am. I love your poetry. love you ,too, mom

Heidi said...

I think EVERY girl cuts her own hair at some point. The two girls I used to watch both did it TWICE! (At home, not here.) I thought I got lucky until Abby cut a chunk of her hair just last year at age 7. Luckily, she only cut one chunk and you couldn't really tell because of her wavy hair.

Please do post a picture! I want to see her cute new style.

Barbara Frank said...

One of my girls (at age four or five) hid in the bathroom with my haircutting scissors and cut off her bangs, plus an eyebrow in the process. I can laugh about it now....but it took me a while (she's 25 now).

Hang in there!

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