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Monday, April 6, 2009

We've Been...

I was just working through our nite nite routine with Ria and Kat. When Ria, off to get her PJs on, returned to me upset to say, "My pajamas were in my room. I know they were. But now they aren't!"

Me "Oh."

Ria "We've been ROBBED!!!"

Me "Ooooohh..." (read: trying not to giggle out loud while turning away from her so she doesn't see me smiling)

She disappeared again. I went to my room to turn off the light and passed her room. She was putting on her PJs.

Me "Oh, you found your pajamas, huh? Where were they?"

Ria a little sheepishly, "Yeah. I really thought someone robbed us! They were right here (indicating the floor where they are NOT supposed to be)."

This was just too good to pass on sharing. Another indication of my little detective in training, eh? ^_^ What fun!!!


Tori, Jessie, Ria, Kat, and Tea. Who is next? said...

Thank you for the editing on "years" it was meant to be yearns. :) I love you, Mom!

vicki said...

our detective brings a good laugh!

Barbara Frank said...

Don't the things they say crack you up sometimes? It's good you're keeping track of them on a blog. It's a great way to hang on to those memories :)

vicki said...

Have you read "take control of your schedule" on B. Frank's blog? I think you do an admirable job with scheduling your homeschooling stuff. There is one thing missing that B.F. goes in to....time for YOU! Wish I were near to help. I'll help when I visit, though! In the meantime...work on that time alone. We don't want this good homeschoolin' mom to burn out!
with love I am admonishing you! hehe

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