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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Funny Hubby and SUCH a Hardworker

Jessie is obsessed with growing pineapples lately. I know. Interesting, huh? Apparently, this guy who used to work at the Club (the old full-time job that is now the part-time job) was able to grow 17 (or more) pineapple plants from the tops of pineapples being discarded at the Club. He has also had fruit from them. At least, that was Jessie's understanding.

So, now Jessie is on a mission to grow fruit-bearing pineapple plants. It's amazing difficult from the reading we've done (just this night, actually). Jessie's tops are in step 3 right now.

I think Jess is interested in this NOW because we're getting a garden going again. (Like that alliteration? ^_^) The sort of funny thing (to me) about the plants he's focused on growing is that they require at least 20 months growth (in Hawaii) before they will flower to produce a SINGLE fruit. All of the other things we are growing will bear fruit this year for consumption and/or preservation. Jessie's efforts will require much more EFFORTS! And I guess we'll be living here for at least 2 more years (assuming he wants to get some fruit from his efforts).

At least, the pineapple tops are totally free even if we do have to leave them. ^_^

His Hard Work
Jess has just finished a week of working at the Grille (the new job down South) and the Club (up North). Thursday he worked from 8 to about 10am at the Club, drove to the Grille and worked until about 10pm. Friday was the same at the Club, just later at the Grille and then he went to WalMart for some groceries. Saturday was the same as Friday except that he came straight home from work.

He had ALL of today off!!!!

Tomorrow (Monday) he'll work only in the morning at the Club. Tuesday he's off all day.

Wednesday through Saturday he'll be working at the Grille from 8am until sometime around (or after) 10pm. While this is long and hard, it'll actually be a little easier (Jess anticipates) because he won't have to worry about getting from one job to another on time. It's also quite good for our family because he'll end up with overtime.

The amazing part of all this is that he'll be making more $ during this time of working overtime than when he's on salary. The thing about salary, though is that it's stable. If he were to continue to be paid hourly, his hours would be cut during the off season and we'd either have a hard time or (hopefully) have savings. So far the savings thing hasn't worked out because the income was just covering needs. So, all in all the whole salary thing is good for us. I just hope he won't have to work 14 hour days in general! His boss has told him that during Bike Week, Race Week, and another week (can't remember when) he just sends his wife up North (to family?) because he's basically never home. He has gone so far as to say that Jessie should be prepared to basically just sleep at home during that time. Hmmm... well, that won't be too different from what we've just done 3 days of and will be doing another 4 days of.... I think we'll manage.

I've commented to Jessie a few times that this new job is really another amazing miracle in our lives. I asked him if he could see the truth of it (the first time I mentioned it to him). He didn't really respond, which, in Jessie speak, is an unwillingness to agree, which actually almost always means he DOESN'T agree. So, I went on to explain my supposition. And here's how: This IS a miracle and gift from God because Jessie has tried to improve our financial situation on his own,in his own strength, basically, since we arrived here. (Moving here was an effort to that end as well.) It has worked a bit, but not generally and not over-all. Remember, we've been on Food Assistance from my Church very recently! It's only at this time when things are SO bad in the economy at large (our unemployment here in Flagler County is almost FIFTEEN percent!!!!) that we get a lift up... or a pull up. It's not a lift or pull of our own doing or in our own power. It's as obvious as the nose on my face, to me!

And I keep thinking things like: Heavenly Father sure is making it clear that we are not doing these things in and of ourselves. He's making sure to make it difficult for either of us to have any pride in the improvement of our situation. Father definitely wants to make pride in our situation far from the realm of possibility. I'm grateful... knowing as I do my issues with feeling pride.

My girls and I were watching the Ruth Living Scriptures movie the other day. In it Boaz is near kin to Naomi and her hubby (odd/long name I can't remember). Before they leave to live among the Moabites (in the movie) Boaz offers to help them financially and says, "I don't know why the Lord has blessed me when so many other are losing everything, let me help you!" Though the words probably are not word-for-word from the movie, the idea is captured and it is EXACTLY how I feel!!!! It's a miracle! And I'm so beyond-words grateful!!!

Our God is a MIGHTY God.

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vicki said...

I am grateful, too. love, mom

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