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Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting It Up

Getting It Up

It's ready
and set.
But steady,
it's bare!

My gardens are up,
but empty, so empty!
'Cept for some prints,
perhaps a small pup?

No, no
oh, contraire.
A feline
with flair.

Only prints
in my soil.
No trinkets
or smelly hints

I prefer to take care.
So, up went our sonic deterrents.
No cat, now, will dare!

At least, that's my hope.
For I really don't like
to find left bits
that makes me run for the soap!


I'm waiting.
For my special
sweet seeds.

real quality
can't rush
the gold!

While I wait for my seeds
I feel some gardening joy:
in buds of new leaves
on raspberry canes I just set!

Oh, how exciting.
Can I dare hope?
Will my hardiness zone
enable a strong harvest?

According to the site,
a big YES.
According to the book,
a depressing NO.

But books don't know it all.
So, I'll hold on to hope.
It hasn't done me harm,
at least, not yet!

And I bet you're wondering how you EVER got so lucky as to have the opportunity to read not one, but TWO of Tori's lovely poems! Well, I got lazy in the middle. Had more to convey, but didn't want to stick to my original formatting. hehehe Hope you enjoy them, anyway.

THANK YOU for the lovely comments on the previous poems. What a joy to KNOW you're reading along with me as I stumble into poetry again. ^_^


vicki said...

Congrats on getting the garden up! YOur bare garden will be one that bears if you strive as you did with your 1st in Norfolk. YOu'll do great!
sorry about the feline.
A critter visited my 'sunflower house' and destroyed a seedling in the middle of one 'wall'. ARGH! gotta do some transplanting, hoping it takes at the size they are, then sprout more.

vicki said...

by the way...enjoyed them 'anyway!!"
2 in one day.

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