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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Pray for us, if you could.
I hope and ask that you would.

Ria's had headaches, fever, and a sore throat.
Kat and Mama aches and the feeling of needing a coat.

With all the news regarding an impending pandemic,
I think I may be developing a nervous tick.

Okay, so that last bit was just cause I needed a rhyme.
My actual problem is that my fears, too fast, do climb.

And from the heights of really tall fear
I shed many, oh many, a tear.

But the height doesn't help with perspective.
And good advice flows right out of my mind like a sieve.

So, I'm praying for greater Faith and Trust.
For I know that, in my life, the Lord's Will is a must.

It's better by far than my own plan.
Just as with anything, God's way is better than any ways of man.

Still fear nibbled on my mind.
A way I am, to myself, unkind.

If you chance to, or think to, for us, pray,
acceptance and peace would be nice, if you could send 'em on their way.

I'm really REALLY trying to do my part.
For I do believe that's where it must start.

I also believe additional prayers certainly can't hurt.
Perhaps there'll be some from KZ, maybe in a yurt. (heeheehee)


vicki said...

You've got my prayer, ...
and love. mom

Heidi said...

My youngest two have just become sick with a fever and cough so I know what you mean. Although, I've been wondering if it would be better for them to get it now because it seems like a mild strain and then if we get a worse strain later, they would already have some immunity to it.

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