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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Decadent Day

TUESDAYS poem (I am backdating)

A Temple trip, mostly for me.
Fast food lunch, RARE as can be!

A long nap with my sleeping Tea.
Daddy spent time with Kat and Ria.

Baby woke up at a normal one's bedtime. (9:45pm)
So Mama went on a LONE walk, SUBLIME!!!

Yes it was night and very dark.
But I wore white and had a lark.

Even at my hefty weight
I ran two blocks, hoping loss is my fate. (loss of weight!)

Then a shower, again all alone.
Such time is something I cannot bemoan.

A quiet shower is hard to come by;
for my baby doesn't like 'em and the whole time does cry!

Such time alone and unfettered is rare.
It was pleasant, but would get old, I do declare.

If it happened too often
loneliness would be hard to soften.

So, I cherish the decadent day.
But my little burdens are blessings in every way.

For aren't we to joy and express gratitude,
amid the trials and difficulties, if we are of the right attitude?

I'm trying to better take care of me.
And so I'll fit it in as best as can be.

But if I sacrifice me now,
though I may look like a cow...

I will praise my Lord and King
for sending me such a family; blessing!

1 comment:

vicki said...

so glad you had some 'me' time!

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