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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


A stack of books to read.
One: Seed to Seed.
Two: helps for homeschool;
I'll use them as support & tool.
Two: discipline resources,
to help me fight the world's unruly forces.
Another: Heaven at Home
for I'd rather we all not roam.

Worthy reads, these books.
They'll find their way into some nooks
when I finish them with a sigh.
Yet this stack feels a mile high.

I've already begun,
with the rising of the sun,
to read a couple of them
(suggests a personal problem).

In one: A Mother Just Like You
I've found cause to rejoice, more than a few!
Father has put it in my way.
How can you be sure? I hear you say.

I'm sure as sure can be
for, you see,
it has helped me
so tremendously!

My struggle of late
I shared with you on a recent past date.
To feel peace and trust
In Father's Will, I must.
I want it more than I can say
and now I feel it, no more delay!
What peace and joy.
No more fear to destroy.

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Shauna said...

What a great blog you have here :)

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