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Monday, September 30, 2013

Meditation Monday #41

I keep on keepin' on!  I don't know how long I've been meditating now, but it's nigh on a year and a half, for sure.  Meditating and the fact that I've totally lost track of how long I've been going is awesome and wonderful and I pray I will be able to continue consistently in using this technology to change my brain!  :)

So, I was wondering last week when my 40 day meditation challenge would be accomplished.  I figured up and realized I was at day 56.  I'm now at or over 60 days!  I believe I will continue to use the Prosperity Meditation I added in for my "challenge" indefinitely.  It's amazing and I'm SO thankful for it!  I've had at least one amazing sort of break-through using that form of meditation.  It's way more amazing to me than it would likely be to anyone else... a pearl, of sorts.  I know that everyone who meditates will have these wonderful experiences.

I believe this pearl, of which I speak, is a pretty huge movement into breaking a generational curse and I praise the Lord for it!  Even just for the hope that it is what I HOPE it is.  :)  How awesome is that?  Super awesome to me!!!

I'll begin a new meditation challenge at the end of this week.  I might share about it... check back, just in case!  :)


Ken said...

Meditation is so beneficial, great to see you have a running trend of these articles. The health benefits alone are remarkable, not to mention the benefits for our mental function.

Tori said...

I'm so glad you know, Ken! ^_^

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