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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Super Sunday #10

As of today, I have completed six weeks of walking since baby girl was born.  I changed up my route as a result of an interaction that made me really uncomfy a couple weeks ago.  I also carry OC Spray now, which is new since the experience.  I'm really glad to have the spray... more as protection against dogs than people, to be honest!

On Saturday, August 17, I walked exactly 6 miles.  Monday, the 19th, I walked almost 5.5 miles.  So, I'm regularly walking between 5.5 and 6 miles.  How awesome is that!  ^_^  Both of the specific days i mentioned, i was able to complete my walk in about 2 hours.  Obviously, i was significantly more tired on Monday than Saturday.

I am wearing baby girl in my linen wrap.  It's hot for me and i end up with an X of sweat on my back, but baby girl is JUST fine!  ^_^  She doesn't even break a sweat most days.  Some days she has broken a sweat, but that's when the air has been super wet.  I think she's not really hot at all even on those days!

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