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Friday, August 23, 2013

Me and My Family

The Etch-A-Sketch has become very popular around here.  It seems that all of my girls really enjoy it.  One seems to have something akin to a gift in this medium.  She can sit down and produce a picture in under 5 minutes.  Which daughter do you think I'm referring to?  Let me know after you check out these pictures!  :)

Ria showing her reindeer with spots.

Kat with her first ballerina.

Tea with her squares.  ^_^

If you think Kat may be the prodigee, then you and i think alike.  She has produced MANY of these ballerinas.  Each takes no longer than 7 minutes, with most taking a lot less time than that!  She has also produced some other pictures i seem not to have taken pictures of.  I'll do better and share them wtih you in the near future.  Maybe we'll make an Etch-A-Sketch post a regular thing!

If you would like an official print of one of these creations, i KNOW my girls would love to sell them.  They have so many goals and business ideas... all of which require money to begin their ventures.  So, if they could sell pictures of their etch-a-sketch creations... that would definitely help them!  Oh... and each picture will be available only in a limited number of prints... these could easily be REALLY valuable in the near future!  Don't miss out!!!  ^_^

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