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Monday, August 5, 2013

Meditation Monday #36

I'm no longer counting the days.  I've completely lost track!  I wasn't able to be as steady after baby girl was born.  I missed the day of labor, the day she was born, and a couple more days.  Then i got back to it (short ones), but then i had mastitis and was out of my practice for almost a week.  That was rough.  But i got back to it and have been daily again since then (around 3 weeks postpartum).  i'm very pleased with my efforts and accomplishments in that regard.  i'm sure there are lots of meditating women who do better and i'm good with that, too.  i know that for me, i did my best... and that's all i can do!  ^_^

i've felt even better since i was able to get back to walking.  That IS basically an hour of meditation in the form of prayer and/or listening to uplifting talks and whatnot.  i'm so grateful for the ways i feel the Lord working in me and changing me.  Very often, i feel like i can see His Hand in my daily life and it's such a blessing and comfort!

If you haven't started, i REALLY encourage you to do it.  Meditate, my friend.  Kirtan Kriya.  If you want a link, i'm happy to find you one.  But you could also search my blog and find lots!

Be WELL!!!

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