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Friday, August 23, 2013

His Mercy Endureth Forever!

Praise the Lord, for His mercy endureth forever!  I'm so happy i cannot contain myself.  I desire to share of God's mercy to ME and a bit to my family.  Although I cannot do so in detail about all, i ache to share the detail i am able to share!

This morning, i left for my walk feeling good and hopeful that the heavy clouds would not burst upon me in the way they did on Wednesday.  What an eventuful morning walk THAT was... just getting wet and hanging out under a tree as I did.  ^_^

Well, i didn't get too far before they started to drip... those dang clouds started wetting me with a mist and then a full on downpour.  I was more worried about babygirl getting wet by that horrible first rain... chemtrial rain that is more likely to have lots of the horrible chemicals used by those who desire to poison the earth.  So, i took shelter under a tree.

Before i took shelter, though, i must confess that I was less than my best.  On my walks i talk to and listen to our Father in Heaven.  When it was obvious that the wet was going to be much more than the mist it started out as, i felt upset and told our Father about it.  I said, "I feel betrayed.  It doesn't normally rain in the morning and i feel betrayed that it isn't held off for me to finish my walk.  I know such is possible, but is not being done and i feel betrayed."  Soon after i stopped under a tree.  It was good shelter and babygirl wasn't getting wet much at all - especially in her sling.  She just suckled away and was content.

As I was standing there, i finished griping at Father and began thanking Him.  I didn't know what for, but i wanted to thank Him... so i did.  Before I got very far, I noticed a car drive by.  And then, a moment later, i noticed the same car driving back toward me in reverse.  When parallel to me, the driver (a woman in workout attire), holding up an umbrella verbally offered it to me.  I was a little shocked, but very happy and even more thankful.  I asked if there was some way i could return it to her, she said no, i took it and she drove away.

If I'd had to wait for the rain to abate, I would've been standing under that tree for at least 15 minutes.  Praise the Lord for providing me a way to continue my walk with Him!  ^_^

Even now i feel some of the swellings in my heart that i felt in the moment.  SUCH gratitude and Love.  Some of it is my own (especially the gratitude), but most of the Love is me feeling what Father was communicating to me for and about me.  How awesome!  And although I am special and dear to Him, I am no more so than you!  He loves us all exactly the same, though still differently!  ^_^  I felt chastened, too, and blessed and SO Loved.

Our Father is EVER Faithful.  It is our challenge, seperated from Him as we are by the veil of forgetfulness, to be Faithful to Him!

The other thing is something I've been praying over for weeks.  I've been so worried and even tearful during prayer to Father about this other thing.  More recently I began to hear that something pertinent to the issue over which I have been praying would appear before the end of the month (August).  Even more recently, I heard that a piece of the puzzle that I need will be provided on August 26th.  Well, I received a call about an hour ago that communicated to me that the puzzle piece i do not have, but need, may well be provided on Monday (OR BEFORE).

Praise the Lord, for His Mercy Endureth Forever!!!!  Our God is a MIGHTY God!

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