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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tricky Tuesday

Eating well (and by well I mean: HEALTHY) in this day and age is rough.  The mainstream food supply is poisoned and becoming more completely unreliabe.  The only kind of produce one should trust, as supplied through the chain grocery stores, is Organic.  And even that label is becoming increasingly unreliable.  Did you know that apple and pear orchards are allowed to spray their trees with antibiotics as preventative maintenance?  It's true.  Don't believe me.  Check it out for yourself!  Do your own research!

Did you know that lots of produce, without any indication, is being irradiated?  Some suggest that all leafy greens are irradiated.  So what?  Do you KNOW why that's a problem?  No... well, you should!  I'm not going to spoon-feed you this information right now.  It's for another day... if you express a desire that i should share it here.  Let me know.

The point of sharing all of the above here is to share with you a way for you to provide yourself and your family with nutritious (potentially even more so than those organic items that ARE trustworthy).

You do, of course, know about growing it yourself.  That will save you money if you can collect from your efforts.  However, if you don't have time for weeding, watering, fertilizing... well, then, you may not have much to collect from the efforts you ARE able to put forth.  With a Tower Garden, though, you may be able to collect significantly more with a lot less time invested.  How?  Well, since Tower Gardens are aeroponic, there is no watering and no weeding!  There are some maintenance jobs, but even those amount to far less time invested than watering and weeding by hand.

The thing that finally convinced me was learning about the irradiation of leafy greens, as a general thing.  Also, the fact that, even with the add-ons i decided to include, my monthly payment is less than $65 for a constant supply of food for my family.  A basic Tower with no add-ons can be as little as $43 per month for 11 months (the first month includes shipping, so you pay a total of 12 payments).  I pay the monthly payment out of one week of our food budget.  So, short-term sacrifice for long-term gain!  Yes, there is an output and it's not EASY to manage it for us (and probably not most people), but it's totally worth the results.

We harvested our first family salad last week... and then another a few days later.  I won't be able to harvest for another few days, at least, but we sure did enjoy those two FAMILY salads (that's enough lettuce and kale for 6 people twice within seven days).  My son ate ALL of his salad BOTH times without a single complaint.  Prior to this, as a rule, he would lick the salad dressing off the leaves and not eat the greens.  THAT alone makes the Tower pretty wonderful to me!  My Chef husband commented repeatedly the first time, "Are you sure there's kale in here?"  He couldn't believe it because it was so very mild.

These results are well worth the short-term sacrifice!  I'm so thankful to be feeding my family greens i can trust (from my Tower).

Another awesometing about Towers is that the Tower Tonic (nutrients for the plants) may be even better than organic fertilizers since "organic" legally means that Organic Certified growers must use fertilizers that are from previously living things.  The Tower Tonic contains minerals and more that are gathered directly from the earth.  Isn't that how plants are made to get them?

We are very pleased with our Tower and hope to buy some more eventually.  That way we'd be able to eat from it daily!  How exciting and wonderful that will be.  :)


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