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Monday, August 19, 2013

Meditation Monday #37

I have a few friends who have joined me for a 40 Meditation Challenge.  I haven't  heard from many of them about their experience(s).  I have had some great experiences so far and wanted to share a little bit about them.  Before I do, I feel a desire to share something specific about my beliefs:  I believe that ALL good originates in God and Jesus Christ.  I believe that Meditation (all types, perhaps especially Kundalini Yoga) is a tool the Father has provided to help us change our brains (and thus our manifestations and lives) more quickly than we would be able to do without this tool.  In this moment, it occurs to me that it's a tool like unto a screw driver.  If you have the right one, you'll be able to uncrew the screw.  If you don't... it'll take significantly longer... or may be almost impossible until you use the correct tool.  If the screw is loose already (very few brain changes are necessary), then any old effort will eventually loosen it the rest of the way... but a screwdriver will do so much more quickly.  I know this comparison is accurate based on my own personal experience.  OH... and if you use a powered screw driver incorrectly, you can end up with upsetting results, too.  So, for instance, if you use a form a meditation you're not quite comfy with, you may experience changes faster than you're quite ready for and experience upsetting feelings as a result.  (Also from my own experience!)  :)

So, today is the 3 day of the 4th week of the Official Meditation Challenge.  I started 1 day early on my own challenge: to add in a PROSPERITY meditation to my regular Kirtan Kriya with tune-in and tune-out.  It has been good.  So far I've been able to do it every day.  I'm grateful for that!

What i've noticed: It seems that the Lord is pouring down blessings upon me and mine.  We have been blessed with warm linens, LOTS of clothes for the children and shoes (specifically TWO pairs of boots for Jmy that he'll be able to move into before too long; one being cowboy style while the other is more of a work/hiking boot style).  The new experience(s) include money more directly.  I think i've long had an aversion to having actual money... and/or being prosperous.  I'm not entirely sure why, but i am striving to understand and surely will before too long.  What are these new experiences?  Do you wonder?

My husband called about a job that he has previously done in the past.  He was told that they didn't need any more hands.  After a few minutes, he got a call back and was offered a job for the evening (the one he'd asked for).  That resulted in cash in hand at the end of the night!  What a blessing!!!

Well, another experience is that someone made an offer of money, as an investment, when we're able to get more bees!  Someone thinks so highly of Jessie's beekeeping that they want to invest!  How great is THAT!!?

The other was the offer of my upline in one of my businesses to work with me in shows and make sure i get the majority and/or all of the sales so that i can re-coop my investment.  How awesome is that?  She totally does not have to make such an offer!  And if she follows through, that will be one heck of a blessing to me and my family!

So, those last two are not cash in hand, but they are finance related and will result in cash in hand in the future!  Even just the offer is new as such has been RARE (not this many in one week) in the past.  My reaction to them has been HUGELY different!  So... i feel like my meditation efforts are bringing some terrific results: changing my brain and communicating receptivity to heaven.  Praise the Lord for His Faithfulness!!!  ^_^

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