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Friday, June 15, 2012

next part of CHAPTER 1: meet EMEM

FIRST part of the story HERE.

Emem [pronounced: EM-em]
11 year-old Emem was beyond excited that his Mother, Celestia, was taking him to the observatory today.  He was happy to learn whatever his Mother planned for his days, but his favorite activity was always to watch eA-arth.  His Mother had been one of the lead sign spotters and communication specialists before he was born.  Her knowledge was still sought on a regular basis.  She didn't mind, but she always seemed happiest when there were no outside interruptions in their days.  She told Emem that he number one AND favorite work was with him, teaching him and just spending time with him.

As they walked to the observatory, he felt his heart begin to race and he started to swing his Mother's hand and skip a little as he walked.  He looked over and slightly down at her and she smiled back at him.  He was so very happy!  She was his everything.  Sure, he loved his Dad, but his Mother was the light in his days.  He loved the way her hair was always perfectly pulled up and knotted into a bun when they were out among others.  Her hair was beautiful, bt he loved that it was almost always hid away except at home.  She had the most beautiful brown eyes and deep dimples when she smiled, which she did often during their days together.

Emem wondered if they would have the changce to see anything interesting on their visit today.  It was always wonderful to watch eA-art, but his favorite days were those in which he got to see the hidden ones checking on the outworld to observe the sign makers at work.

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next installment: the June 16th, 10am

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