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Friday, June 22, 2012

CHAPTER 2: part 2 of 8; back to Annalynn (Aly)

back to the BEGINNING

The summer break would end, depending on who went where, between tomorrow or within the next couple of weeks for most of Aly's friends.  They would return to their daily activities in an old building previously used for public school.  So, Aly wanted to spend time with one of her favorites friends today.

Looking at her watch, she considered which of her friends might have some time to spend with her.  It was almost 8:30am.  Aly leaned toward the only 'new-glass' surface in her parents’ home and pressed the whole of her hand against it while speaking, “Sandra, are you available?”  Aly waited all of two minutes.  She knew two minutes was a ridiculous amount of time to wait, but she wanted to give her friend plenty of time to answer.  Aly tried again, “Elly, are you all booked up for the day?”  Almost immediately Elly’s face appeared in the glass in front of Aly.

“Not a bit, girlie.  What’s on your mind?”

 “Oh, I just thought it’d be nice to spend some time with you, if you’re not too busy, before you go back to The Grind.”

“Sure.  That sounds phenomenal.  I'd love to spend time with you.  Where would you like to meet?”

 “Oh, somewhere West of where I am… closer to you.  Where do you think would be nice?”

 “Aly, I don’t have a thing to do today, but I did have somewhere I wanted to go.  Why don’t you come along with me and we’ll spend some time in nature today?”

“Oh!  That sounds wonderful!  Where?”

“What do you think about Halo’s Valley.  Do you know that one?”

“No.  Halo’s Valley.  Is there a jump point there?”

“Definitely not!  Which, of course, is why we should go!  We’ll have to jump to Trees Twining and hike to Halo’s Valley.  Are you up for it?”

Tentatively Aly said, “Yes… but how long is the hike?” she never knew exactly what was going to happen when she spent time with Elly.  Elly usually taught her about the old ways.  Tthere were definite themes to their ities, Aly never knew exactly what Elly would want to show and tell her about from one visit to another.  That was much of the fun of spending time with a woman who had lived so many more years than Aly.

“Oh, it’s an easy one for you, girlie girl!  It’ll be harder for me!  Don’t you worry about a thing, though, girlie.  We’re going to have a grand ol’ time!”

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next installment: June 23rd, 10am

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