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Friday, June 29, 2012

CHAPTER 2: part 8 of 8; back to Weebly

back to the BEGINNING


The science of it was a bit foggy, but Weebly knew that it worked because he’d seen it as long as he could remember. For some reason, though, he didn’t feel entirely comfortable about jump stations, wormholes, or speeds approaching that of the speed of light. He’d just rather hop a flight.

They were geared up and ready to go, but Weebly was standing still as stone in his nook. He was worried about leaving what he knew. what was familiar.

Madra came to the port, “Weebly. It’s time to depart immediately. Let us leave.”

“Yes. It is appropriate,” Weebly responded. He knew the right words. He knew the right tone of voice to use. He knew how to manipulate all so that she would not know of his concern. But he was concerened.

The two walked to their jump ports in their own niche’s jump station. Pedre was standing in his circle already. His long fingers were rubbing the sides of his legs the way they did when he was agitated or feeling impatient. Both feelings were supposed to be long forgotten, but were tolerated in Madra and Pedre because they were so useful to the community.

Madra entered her circle immediately. Weebly stood on the verge of entering his for a moment before her took the step that placed him firmly within it.

“Why delay? Should you stay? What is your concern?” Madra was perceptive and detail oriented. Weebly was worried he would not be able to pull off his cover-up much longer if they didn’t jump right away.

“I thought I left one tool in the wrong place and immediately remembered it was correctly placed.”

“Good. We cannot leave things misplaced. They must be perfect.”

"Let us jump. Weebly,” Pedre was speaking now, “do you remember the theory?”

“Yes. Of course.”

“Madra will jump first to be there when you arrive. Then you and I will follow to ensure that you have completed from this end. Madra, go ahead.”

“Gone.” And she immediately disappeared.

“Weebly. It’s your turn. Go ahead.”

“Gone.” But he wasn’t.

“Weebly. Focus. Locate the wormhole you will use. Imagine your mind drawing it to you. Guide it. Lay down a path for it all the way to where you stand. You only need hold it for a split second and then jump into it. You’ll direct it by laying a path for it as you rest in it. It’s simple stuff since you already know the theory. Just do it.”

“Yes. Simple stuff. Just do it.” Weebly muttered to himself.

“Go ahead, Weebly. Do you have a concern you need to communicate?”

“No, Pedre. No concern. I only need a moment to focus as you described. This is my first time.”

“You may use what time you need.”

“Thank you, Pedre.” Moments passed as Weebly focused hard. “Yes. I see it. It is actually moving toward me. Yes. It’s here. I’m GONE.” And he was.

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next installment: June 30th, 10am

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