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Monday, June 25, 2012

CHAPTER 2: part 4 of 8; back to Tru-Kru, Tru

back to the BEGINNING


Tru’s Mother raced back to him and trilled her concern.  He knew she was worried.  He knew she would think there was something wrong with his frail limbs because his swim was even slower than normal.  He tried to communicate via sounds and body position the experience he’d just had, but she became agitated and even more concerned.  She misunderstood and believed he’d just avoided a predator of some sort.  She began to frantically search the waters for such a predator with her calls.

Immediately Tru began to soothe her and communicate peace through his energy as he gave up the effort to describe his experience.  His dolphin mother had adopted him as a toddler when both of his Dabsoner parents disappeared around the time a killer whale hunted their pod.  She swam very slowly to stay near him as they returned to the pod.  She stayed close for the rest of the day and Tru did feel comforted by her presence.  He wished, though, that there would be a gathering of the others like him sooner than the one he knew would come to pass with the full moon in another couple of weeks.

The rest of his pod became agitated as his mother shared a bit of what she thought she understood from what Tru had tried to convey.  This newest source of concern would not benefit him.  It was already difficult for many to accept him because he strayed from the pod so often to observe the humans.  He had done it enough times and for long enough periods of time that he was able to speak their language.  His pod didn’t know it for sure, but they felt certain he wasn’t trying as hard as he should to be a member of their family.  When he heard what his mother said to the others was completely wrong, Tru had to spend the next few hours sending them all peace and trying to convey comfort and safety in his sounds.  It was impossible to make them understand some things.  This newest experience as well as his desire to understand how he fit among those who looked more like him.

The family finally calmed.  Skwee approached and Tru wondered what she would say to him this time.  “Can you tell what you say, Tru?”

“You want to know it?”

“Yes.  Understand you better than your mother.  We same.”

Unfortunately, Skwee was right in too many ways.  Regardless of his distaste for her, he began to tell her of his experience.  She was quiet while he tried to convey the enormity of what he didn’t quite understand.

“The bird was not hurt or trying to bite?”  Skwee asked Tru.

“No.  It was rising to the sky to fly.”

“Did it seem to know others around?”

“I have seen this.  It was two dark moons ago.  Another like bird rising, but this had no lump on back.”
“So you understand!?”

“Yes.  Of course.  We are the same.”

Tru knew she wanted them to be the same.  He knew she was a female of his kind, but she was not his kind.  He did not prefer her.  He had tried, but it did not work the way he saw it worked with the rest of the pod.  He could not help her in the way she wanted him to help her.  He was sorry.  She never got angry with him over anything.  He almost wished she would.  Then it would be easier to feel the lack of interest and distaste he felt for her.

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