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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Are You An Indentured Servant or a Slave?

The "swine flu" was actually man made. That seems pretty clear. And the hype... and now the WHO declaring a level 6 pandemic. Did you know? I just learned. Would you like to be forced to take a vaccine that has not been tested appropriately? Or see your child be subjected to the shot that could kill... because, as the government has said, "there may be some human wastage". Is that acceptable to you? If not, I urge you to notify your representatives. You can read more about this subject AND send/change a prepared email by CLICKING.

Even if you vaccinate and believe in using them, this is a completely different sort of thing! As the laws exist currently, someone who refuses the untried and untested swine flu vaccine to be released this fall, should it be released as mandatory (likely to happen) would be a felon, taken away and quarantined against their will! That is unacceptable to me. Is it to you?


vicki said...

I usually phone, but this time they are getting the letter in the mail-my congressm and senators. It is frightening how much control the gov't is getting over our lives...and we are GIVINg it.

Mindy said...

Wow Tori - how do you have time to keep up with everything. I am very much impressed!

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