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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What Will Tea Answer To When Called?

Do you think she'll answer when her sisters say, "Tea, where are you?" Or, do you wonder, as I do, if she'll be more likely to respond when they say something more like, "Here Muffie... here Muffie, Muffie, Muffie!" If you have deduced that Tea's older sisters like to pretend that she is their puppy, named Muffie, then you have solved the puzzle. Congratulations Sherlock! ^_^

Isn't it funny? I mean, lately they have been on a big, "We want a dog!" trip, but MAN... pretending your baby sister is the dog? Oh... uhhh... A-Hem... ... ... I guess I did that. (sheepish) Actually, and especially on Sundays, if I recall correctly, my sibs and I pretended we were ALL dogs. VERY loud dogs! Very rambunctious dogs! hehehe ^_^ Those were the days!

Of course, now my days are those that my parents lived (less 3 children) and MAN, I'm sure glad I had fun... but I totally deserved being yelled at for being too loud! ;)

Seriously, though. It's fun, funny, silly, and causes me many-a-headache lately how much these girls love to pretend "DOG things" in general. Kat is the loudest (but generally is, not just limited to DOG). Tea just loves to be among her sisters (also true generally). Ria likes to tell everyone what to do (who can blamer her... she's the eldest...).

RIA SAID Monday Night
Monday night Ria could not find her PJ bottoms to match a certain top. Jess was trying to help her locate new PJs. So, he asked, "Why don't you just wear these together?" Ria responded, "No Daddy I can't wear those together, they don't match." Jess, "Why?" Ria, "Because that's the rule." Jess, "What rule?" Ria, "The "Rule of Clothes"." Jessie's final comment, "And in the end she wore two things that did not go together (not a matching top and bottom). She wore them because they were pretty."


Was busy and nice. We had friends over! The Mama is leaving white refined sugars (as I did a few months ago) and transitioning to whole grains (as I have in the past). Because of what I've shared with her about my current preparations (and some I've done in the past), she asked me if I would teach her how to make a few things. In particular she was interested in learning how to make almond milk. So, that's a big part of what we did today. We also visited, of course. It was wonderful to spend time with another Mama. And, in addition to going off the sugars path (!), she's also a homeschool Mama! What a wonder and a joy, eh? Well, you see, I say that because it's difficult to find parents who make many of the same choices we make (alternative/non-mainstream/whatever) and it feels SO nice when we do! Additionally, she's FL teacher certified AND working as one of the homeschool reviewers... so, should I choose that route, I can request her! Neat, eh?


vicki said...

Funny how our memories vary. yes it was Sundays that you and your siblings played dogs. I honestly don't recall it being loud. I delighted in the creativity, and pleasure you children had in your play is a fond memory!
so, does Tea answer to her name?
Glad the day was so good with the home school mom that you can share so much with.
Do the home schoolers such as you have to have a state reviewer do her thing? it is a state job?

Barbara Frank said...

My homeschool mom friends are so dear to me.....they understand what my life is like. So glad you have a homeschool mom friend to hang with :)

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