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Monday, June 29, 2009

Diapers Deal

I just purchased a TON of diapers for a REALLY great price. I wanted to share the news and invite you to get an even better deal on a purchase, should you choose to make one. Here's the deal: go to diapers.com and check out the selection. Realize you can save LOTS of money? Now, use this code (SECR2371) and buy some diapers and receive $10 off your purchase of $49 or more! If you do this, AND make the purchase BEFORE 6pm, you'll get your diapers shipped FREE (about a $10 fee) AND receive them in 1-2 days!!!! Isn't that awesome?

I read about this in a blog, but couldn't make the purchase before because I didn't have the moolah all together at once. :( In the interim, I lost the code that would've got me $10 OFF... so, I only got the READY coupon (on the site) for $5 off. If you know me, you'll know that we have tight finances... well, if you use this code, you'll not only help yourself, but you'll help me, too! Each time you purchase some diapers, I will get a credit!!! AND you can do this same sort of thing and receive credits, too!! Isn't that awesome?? Additionally, you can send paper coupons in to diapers.com and they'll credit your account. Can you believe it? I'm thinkin, "TOTALLY SWEET!"

So, I hope you'll check it out and do it, too! I'm so happy to not have to worry about picking diapers up. I plan to use this until my need for diapers is DONE... hopefully sooner than later for the current users. (Tea is diapered regularly and Kat needs them for the night lately.)


vicki said...

That is a deal that I hope your diaper using friends utilize. Barb wondered how many diapers you get for that $49.

Our family said...

Did you use it for cloth or disposable diapers?

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