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Monday, June 8, 2009


Ria is SO excited about this Saturday! She's going to be on stage again. I think if it weren't for this one day of the year, she might not be so consistently excited about ballet. You may wonder why I say such a thing.

Well, recently Ria wanted to quit piano lessons. This is not an option. There are many reasons I would like Ria to learn piano, but the main reason I wasn't going to hear anything about quiting is because I feel that I was never REALLY encouraged to continue with things I started... which has created a long-term/life problem I have been struggling to over-come for many years now. Anyway... In Ria's very next piano class her teacher mentioned something about a recital. Since then she has been SO excited about piano and working hard without complaint to complete her lessons and memorize her performance pieces! I mean, it's like I have a new little girl because her attitude is SO changed!

I'm wondering if there's some way I can plan a sort of "show" for her to share what she's learned in school... a sort of Recital of Learning. Our homeschool has been going better than it had been for a while. For a little while there she was fighting just about everything! :( Currently she's more willing to do what needs to be done, but it would just be really nice if she were excited about it and more self-motivated. With this most recent experience (becoming SO excited about piano after learning that she would get to perform for others) I can't help but feel something similar would benefit our other efforts as well.

Do you have any suggestions on a sort of recital of learning? I haven't even really been able to THINK about it, so your ideas will be REALLY helpful. :)


vicki said...

Why can't home schoolers have an open house as do the institutions? Call it a recital of learning and put out displays of the best work. Children could even recite memorized pieces. Home schoolers could get together and perform for each other, but Best would be to invite friends, family, media, and homeschoolin' naysayers!
Report cards kept motivation up for MaNy children. a sort of report card system to sent to grandparents who'd ow and ah could be a little motivator,perhaps.

Barbara Frank said...

Our support group used to do project fairs, but the kids didn't have to do a specific project; they could just arrange their best schoolwork, arts and crafts, etc. on a table. The kids loved it and so did the parents and grandparents :)

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