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Thursday, June 25, 2009

And I Thought Kat Was Crazy for Music...

So, Wednesday night Tea grabbed for a spoon I'd eaten some yogurt with. No biggie. If it would make her happy so I could chill out a few more minutes. We eventually got up and walked around a bit ending in the bathroom for a Mama break. While I was doing my thing, she was still playing with the spoon! She looked at something across the little room and went as if to get it. In doing so she lightly tapped the spoon on the floor. She was THRILLED by the resulting tinkling noise. She experimented a few times with sweet baby giggle interspersed.

Fast forward a little and she's WIDE awake and I'm trying to read the last blog I want to look at for the night. She's antsy and I want her to give me a few more minutes. So, I give her one of the cups I had water in. She goes as if to drink from it (nothing in it, of course) and makes a noise. She giggles. Then she sort of sings into it and giggles. She did that a few more times. She LOVES music!

I think I have neglected telling you that... she REALLY loves music. We've missed a few nights recently, but part of our night night routine includes spending a few minutes singing songs the girls want and a couple I want. Without fail, every time I start singing, Tea will pause what's she's doing (usually looking at a book) and listen and groove (she's actually rocking and swaying to the beat!). If she's standing it's even more obvious that she's close to or totally on the beat!

Additionally, she LOVES to play the piano. I've added PT to my homeschool notebook. PT stands for PianoTea... which means I'm supposed to make time for Tea to play piano sometime each day (except Sundays, no homeschool on Sundays). I do let her play piano on Sundays, if I end up there, but it's not something I feel I have to check off in my notebook. :)

On top of all that... and probably my favorite is a relatively new development in all this music love Tea has been showing. It's only in the last week or so that, when she's well and/or happy when she wakes up, Tea will SING! Seriously. It's SO sweet!!! Sometimes it singing with her mouth open and making a variety of tones. Other times it's more like humming. She's even mimicked a sort of scale I did one morning. I LOVE IT!!!

I don't know if I ever mentioned it here... I didn't have this blog at the time, but way back when Kat was little she hated riding in a vehicle in her car seat. Tea's in the same "hate feeling" now, I think. Well, when Kat was little and unhappy, Ria spontaneously started singing "Jesus Said Love Everyone" and by the time she was done with that REALLY short song, Kat was calm. THAT became the most reliable way to calm Kat in a vehicle! Well, Ria recently (with K. Christensen's kids, actually) started singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to similar efficacy with Tea! For Tea, it seems to work best with multiple voices. All Kat needed was Ria. Interesting, huh? :)

So, I have some music lovers!


Terresa said...

Music loving kids is a blessing. The tinkling of a spoon, singing with their mouths open, all that lovely stuff. Enjoy!!

vicki said...

Not too long ago I enjoyed a concert in facebook. I immediately thought of sharing it with Ria because of the pianist (there's a celloist, too). now I Know i need to share it my trio of Li'l Gollies.
I'm gonna try tonight.
love, mom

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