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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Some Bits

It was a few weeks ago now that the Sister Missionaries were here when Jess was home. Spontaneously Ria sat on Jessie's lap and started to talk to him about quitting the smoking and getting baptized. It was really funny and one of the missionaries even said something like, "This is just too perfect. It's like a total set-up!" Ria has recently set herself on a quest to get Jess to quit smoking. On his days off, when he goes out to smoke (if Ria knows) she'll tail him all the way to the front door telling him he shouldn't go out there to smoke, that he needs to quit smoking because she loves him and doesn't want him to hurt his body, and any number of other chastisements. If I hear it, I do tell her to stop because she's not speaking to her Father in a respectful manner. I know, you might think that I should let her do her thang, but I really feel and believe that she needs to respect his agency just as she wants us to respect hers... but more so because he is her Daddy!

Thursday night, on the way to The River Grille, I was singing Primary songs to the girls. Tea was very fussy and it was a way for me to keep more calm than I otherwise would have felt. One of the songs I sang was Nephi's Courage. I definitely felt the Spirit as I sang it, especially the third verse (which I was really surprised I remembered correctly!). I know Ria felt it, too because right after finishing it she requested we sing it again. After we sang it again she, in a VERY determined way, told me that we needed to sing it for Daddy when we went to pick him up AND, she added, "When he hears this song, he's going to decide to stop smoking!" I thought that was really sweet, but I didn't think she would really expect us to sing it OR for him to decide to quit after hearing it. Well, I was wrong. As soon as she saw Jess she reminded me that we needed to sing for him. He was curious, so we did. He had a cig in his hand (cause he came from the smoking area to greet us) and went back to it after we finished singing. So much for quitting! But I just love my Ria's determination, even though I cannot condone the manner in which she lets her expectation or desire be known most of the time. :)

Ria definitely is my little missionary. Kat has taken to telling me that she wants to serve a mission! :) She LOVES the temple song, but really enjoys Called to Serve, as well.

Last night was our June Ward Activity. I think it was my favorite one so far! VERY few people were present when time to start rolled around. We had 3 families!!! By the end we'd more than doubled our numbers. heeheehee But it was FUN. I was easily able to speak to everyone present, which has been pretty difficult in the past - especially with the running around I generally do to keep pitchers/punches full and so forth. I was actually able to sit and eat my banana with Tea while everyone else ate. It was nice.

Tea has a fever again today. I can't help but think that a large part of the reason for her constant illness must be teething. I mean, we did go to Story Time on Thursday, but only one person touched her and that person was not sick. *sigh* If you think of us, please pray for her and an easier time at cutting teeth (if that's what it is) OR just generally improved health for her (especially). I'll thank you, in advance... THANK YOU! :)


vicki said...

How'd I miss this!!!
Oh, I was out of town camping.
I love hearing about my precious ones! That includes Mom and Dad. Thank you. Love, mom

Our family said...

I love hearing the stories about Ria, Kat and Tea. You are right to set her straight when she's being disrespectful,... but it's still kinda cute huh? =)

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