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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy DAY!

Happy Birthday to YOU.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy birthday DEAR Addie!
Happy Birthday tooooo YooooUUUUuuu!!!!!

I'm amazed that my little sister's daughter is ONE today! I've not yet met her, but I feel like I know her from all the wonderful pictures and posts my Sis shares. Even though I don't post many pictures because of the time it takes (and I don't like the feelings of frustration I often feel toward my kiddos when I try), I wanted to post some of my niece to show my Sis how much I love her and her fam... AND MISS THEM!

So... in homage to Addie and her family:
Newborn Addie (above) with her Daddy.

Addie at about 4 months with my lovely sister.

The whole fam.
(I was going to do pics from each quarter of her first year,
but I couldn't pass this family picture up.)
Addie was right about 5 months old, I believe.

Addie around 8 months with
her beautious Mama.

Addie during her birth month,
though not exactly 1, she's close.

(So, she's technically a toddler now, but still!)


Our family said...

I just started using google reader for keeping track of blogs and saw you had one, I saw the title before anything else and thought you must have had a good day... What a surprise! Thank you for your birthday tribute/remembrance of Addie! It's so sweet! I read it aloud to her and she kept smiling away! =)

My sister beat me at recognizing my daughter's birthday! =D

vicki said...

Tori, nICE way to get a birthday mssg out!
love you, mom

Tori, Jessie, Ria, Kat, and Tea. Who is next? said...

Though it certainly was for Addie, it was also in a BIG way for you, my sister. (Notice the pictures I prefer almost all have you in them?) I hope it was all good feelings YOU felt upon reading it, too!

Terresa said...

This post really hits home as my sister & her family are moving across the country in a few months. I'm mourning it already, as her kids are such fun playmates (and cousins!) to my kids, and all their ages match almost perfectly.

Here's to great sisters!

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