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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Adventures in Dehydrating

So, Jess and I have been preparing for his Food Storage Food Preparation Class (held tonight to a VERY good turnout) for WEEKS. Literally. As a result, I am kookoo about dehydrating! Tonight, having finished all of the required preps for the class, I was wandering around the kitchen trying to find something I could dehydrate! Strange? Well, I've become attached, I suppose, to feeling like I'm accomplishing something even though I only have a little bit of work at the beginning. This is a huge thing for me... I feel like I don't get much done most days. I know I get the most important things done (relating to and in relation to my girls), but I definitely don't have much to show for it currently.

Anyway, in my research, I ran across this lady who has 10 (maybe more) YouTube videos. They are quite good. I knew lots about dehydrating previous to watching them, but felt edified and learned some great tips from all of her shows. I just wanted to share her with you, if you're interested.

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vicki said...

That's good. golly gee my dehydrating was so limited!

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