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Monday, April 22, 2013

Meditation Monday #28

Today is day 318 of my meditation journey.

Lately meditation has consisted of about 25 minutes with Kirtan Kriya.  Sometimes i've been able to get an anger meditation (3 minutes) in, but those have been fewer than the majority.

During the process of my most recent checkup with my midwife, the baby's heart-rate was 120.  Never before have i heard such a LOW number for one of my babies.  (FYI: 120-160 is the normal range.)  My first reaction was to think it was a result of something, but upon further contemplation i realized it was probably because i had finished meditating only about 10-15 minutes before the heartrate was monitored.  So... perhaps this baby will benefit in some very specific ways from my practice.  It sure will be interesting to see!  Still have till the end of June to see... and then a  while of observation... so, i definitely won't know anything anytime soon.  :)

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