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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Gift of Giving Life

I'm going to be published.  ^_^  Pretty neat, right?  Yes.  Published in an actual book: cover with pages.  ^_^  The part of the book that will be me is my story of Post-Partum Depression after children and how it has decreased each time.  Regardless of WHAT it is, I'll be published.  Pretty sweet, right?  I can just hear you asking if I'm being paid.  Nope.  No payment.... except that the payoff will be, for me, that I know others who suffer from PPD might feel hope as a result of knowing my story!  ALL things are possible in and through Christ Jesus!!!

Do you see the linky picture thing to the right?  The pretty pink one.  Yep.  That's it.  That's the book my story may be printed in.  If not there, then on the website.  I'm hoping to get a copy for myself whether I'm IN the book or not.  It's a lovely effort and to a good purpose.  I simply don't have the funds available right now.  Jess and I have prioritized our budget and "extra" expenditures (preparedness supplies).  So, there's really no wiggle room for now.  If someone would like to get it for me, that would be quite okay with me! ^_^

The blog for the book is WONDERFUL.  I've felt awed and inspired by it (the Author!!) more than once.  I highly recommend reading the blog AND buying the book!  If you feel so inclined, I'd love for you to share via comment that I recommended you to them.  :)  I'll get nothing in particular for the recommendation, but I'd like them to know I actually DID!  ^_^  That I did recommend them, I mean.

You could also check out the website.  I believe you should be able to purchase the book there!  ;)

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