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Saturday, October 15, 2011

We Are One

Remember how I wrote about how I used to be Ruled by Hatred?  (Wow!  I just read it for the first time... pretty powerful... I think God was writing for me more than I was writing on that one!  ^_^)  And then followed that one up a little bit later with talking about how We Become What We Hate?  I just read that one for the first time since I wrote it and I got a little misty when I forgave myself... and I feel this filled up feeling cause I'm working on forgiving myself every day... cause I do something wrong (at least one thing!) every single day.  I know, I'm so imperfect!  *sigh*  BUT like one of my friend's pointed out, perhaps I should be glad because the imperfection guarantees me a spot here on this planet... sort of.  ;)

So... what's the point in bringing up those posts?  Well, they pointed to something that is true, but which I didn't go into explicitly in detail.  I feel like I have somewhere else, but I may simply have MEANT to do it and didn't get to it.  This has been a problem I'm trying to deal with lately.  My memory has been spotty again.  It's a struggle.  I'm so thankful, though, that Father God gives me little nudges... through Ria, or a friend on Facebook, to remind me of the more important things!  I'm SO grateful for His loving guidance!

Back to the point!  (See!!!  I totally get sidetracked SO easily lately!)

If I become what I hate in someone else... if I used to be a hater and have become a lover... then, more than likely, I'm more like you than either of us realize.  Either I was (so part of me is) or I am currently or will be at some point in the future like you.  I readily acknowledge that if you are striving to any degree to be Christ's, I am not as advanced as you... and, if you know me, you'll know I'm being completely sincere when I say: I'm sure I'm not as good as you at most things, anyway!  I just generally think most people I come into contact with know everything I know.  When they don't know some part of it, I almost always feel surprised... and happy that I can share something!  (I LOVE to teach and share and just feel a little useful... especially to those who are already friends, but ALSO to those who are yet to BE my friends!  ^_^)

So, my point in writing tonight is that I wanted to share something with you.  You probably TOTALLY already know about this thing, but I'm STILL so excited about it that I just want to share it ALL OVER!  So... I'm going to share it in a couple of ways.  First, by name.  Have you heard of the Mandlebrot Set?

If not, read on.  If you have scroll down until you see some REALLY big letters.  :)

The Mandlebrot Set is a mathematical equation which maps/diagrams pictorally the point/skin at which chaos and order meet.  I know... isn't that wiggy!??  Okay... so, my first question was (when I learned about this around a month or so ago... it's been so long, yet NO time at all!), "WHAT would such a pictoral representation look like!??"  But... before you know the picture, you must know what is in the picture and it's implications.

Now... if you aren't really ready for a paradigm shift today, please move along now.  If you're not ready to understand the simple yet profound statements made by Jesus Christ as recorded in the Bible (New Testament specifically) and The Book of Mormon... and simple yet profound statements made by others who understood Him... then please do NOT read further.  Because if you're any kind of smart (and I'm sure you are smarter than me), this is going to rock your world.

If you're ready to look at the world differently, then feel free to proceed.  :)

The picture of the MS (Mandlebrot Set) is interesting in itself.  It's pretty.  Neat.  Abstract.  But still cool.

But what you must know as you view it is that the large picture also has along it's outline various sizes of itself.  And each image of itself is perfect and complete in itself.  Each tiny dot of a knob on the picture is a whole MS... it repeats over and over and over....

There's more.... If you "zoom in" on the MS... onto any part of it... and you keep going far enough... you'll eventually find that you'll arrive at a point that looks exactly the same as the original you zoomed in on.  And you can/could do this on any part of the MS.  And you can do this over and over and over... and over again.

Oh... let me not forget one key bit of truth about this MS.  If you go in and change a part of the MS... no matter how small the change... the change you make will be reflected in the WHOLE MANDLEBROT SET!  You change one small thing on the original and the same thing changes in every part that is the same in every part of the whole....  Every little knobby will have the same change in/to it.  The WHOLE thing changes as a result of one change wrought in one spot on the basic MS.  Does this totally blow you're mind?  Are you in awe and amazed?  Do you get it?  If you get it... and you haven't heard this before... you should be rockin at least a little.  Your boat, my friend, is not the same one you entered... or, more acurately, it's the same one, it's just not what you've seen it to be before now!

So, Jesus Christ told us, "Judge not, lest ye be judged; for by what measure ye mete, it shall be measured unto you again."  Not a perfect quote, I know, but the truth is intact just the same.  This truth is in the MS.  ?Do you see it?  Do you understand??

He also said, "I am in the Father and the Father in me and the Father and I are one."  Do you see the MS proves this?  I truly believe that our Savior was saying this truth about Himself as a lesson for us to understand how this is truth for us also.  Awesome and amazing!!!  God is AWEsome!!!

Ghandi said, "Be the Change you want to see in the World."  This truth is very plainly revealed/pictured in the MS.  Do you see it??  Do you understand how?

Okay.... so, on to the picture.  :)

This one is nice.  It's quite colorful... perhaps too much so, but nice.

THIS one is more perspectives on the MS... in 4D.  Very neat and reveals even more ways the picture is within the picture and beyond!  :)

This last YouTube that I hope you'll watch is a bit tricky.  You'll have to pop on over to it and then skip ahead to the point on the time-line and make it read: 2:20:32 and you'll see a guy with a great curly mohawk.  Now, he's going to go through and share with you the things I've written.  I first learned them from him, actually.  It's valuable to read it and hear it because the brain sometimes takes up to 8 times of hearing/reading/learning something new to truly process it.

I'd like to ask you to avoid the rest of the movie if you are a Christian UNLESS you have the Gift of Discernment, the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and you are firm in your Faith.  I ask you to avoid the rest because there is MUCH truth therein, but also MUCH that is untrue.  And if you do not know how the Lord communicates with you, then you may be deceived by the whispers of the evil one's angels.  Also, the philosophies of men are intermingled with truths VERY liberally.  Only if you know God's Word (firm in your Faith) can you truly tell the difference between what the world/men would have you believe and what God has said is true.

So... HERE it is.  The MS picture I first learned of/by/from.

What does any/all of this have to do with the posts I referenced in the beginning?  Do you see it?  Do you understand?  We are one.  What I hate in you is only a revelation of that which I hate in myself.  What I love in you declares to the world what I value and cherish in you AND me.  What I accept in those around me reveals what I accept in me.  What I reject in you, I rejected first in me.  We are little knobbies on the amazingly huge Mandlebrot Set of God.  He is the division between Chaos and Order... He IS order.  Chaos is held at bay by Him.  We are in Him and He is in US!  Yet, though this is completely true, it does not reduce the fact and truth that BOTH God the Father and Jesus Christ have bodies of flesh and bone.  They do.

We are one.

WE are one.

We ARE one.

We are ONE!!!!

Praise God, we are one!

then you probably don't really need to read any of this post.  Go ahead and continue your reading/reseraching/surfing and know that I'm SO glad you already know and I hope you'll find some ways to share the info and hopefully bring on the 100th monkey!  ;)  ^_^

Signed Lovingly,
Your Sister in Christ,

If you'd like to read a blog that could possibly help you make some changes... and which inspired me to write about how we are ONE... CHECK IT OUT!

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