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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday Week of October 20 - 26, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011:  I'm thankful for the wonderful workout I enjoyed with Tamilee Webb.  My legs were still a little achey from yesterday's workout with her and today they are wound even tighter!  What a tremendous workout!  Tighter Assets... I'm hoping it comes (the title to reality).  ^_^

I'm grateful for the amazing planning of our Father in Heaven that goes into the smallest details.  A friend of mine thought about bringing over some groceries to me and my lil' family on Wednesday night after she found out we'd been feeling ill.  The gift would've been wonderful, but under the circumstances, it is even more awesome.  You see, last night I was trying to get together an extended meal plan using all of the items in our pantry that I could so that I could try NOT to go grocery shopping until November 1st.  This is a big deal because I've never EVER been good at seeing "bare-looking" shelves or cupboards.  Why should I need to?  Well, because it's important to be able to do difficult things.  So, planning out meals for more than a week AND seeing bare shelves... well, I just felt like I should be doing it.  Also, I'm trying to "catch up" in a way financially.  I've been spending the money from each paycheck on various parts of our budget, including food.  Well, this makes me uncomfortable.  I'd prefer to spend last week's income on this week's groceries.  If that makes sense.  Really, I'd rather have money on hand from way back to pay for it... but I'm working on baby steps here.  And, although it may not seem like it to many, it's a good step for me/us.

Anyway... I completed the just more than 2 weeks of meal plans this morning.  And then my friend brings more groceries that I often buy for a week... and DEFINITELY more meat items!!!  Especially since I'm trying to move our family toward eating more in accordance with the Word of Wisdom, I think these groceries will last quite a while!  And even if we end up going through them quickly... it's SUCH a blessing to have a full freezer and fewer empty-looking shelves!  My friend has blessed us and I'm SURE she was inspired of the Lord to do it and able to do it when she did because the Lord wanted me to complete the exercise I was working on in creating the extended meal plan.  God IS Great!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011:  I'm thankful for the Yoga workout I was able to complete this morning.  I needed that stretch!

I'm grateful for the time I was able to spend at home.  I was working much of the morning on ICES calls.  Then I started working on a meal to bring to a friend.  Thankfully she and her family enjoyed it!  I was worried as it's one of our more plain meals.  She's a doll... I shouldn't have worried.  ^_^

I'm glad I was able to stop by and see someone I hadn't seen since I was out in her neck of the woods.  I'm also glad we got home pretty early and we were all in bed right around "on time" too!  YEAY!

Saturday, October 22, 2011:  I'm thankful for the workout with Tamilee Webb this morning.  Today completed 8 weeks, I think... of exercising 6 days each week.  Here I come, week 9!  ^_^

I'm grateful for ALL we were able to accomplish today!  Went out to buy chicken and rabbit feed, stopped by to see Jess at work, went home and had lunch, worked out front on some weeding in the "flower garden" area around the front door.  It should be a flower garden, but mostly it's weeds, a gardenia bush, two large rose bushes, and one mini rose bush.  Hopefully it'll look VERY different by this time next year!  I have great plans!!  ;)  After a visit with Mr. Glenn (during which we found out he'd been in the hospital for a week!), we moved to the back yard to work on establishing a new garden bed and planting some lettuce seeds we just received in the mail the other day.  We have SUCH plans!!!  We're not just planning, though.  We're also working, and praying, and hopefully we'll get MUCH produce from our efforts!

Sunday, October 23, 2011:  I'm thankful for the Primary Program!  The girls (Ria and Kat) LOVE Primary and enjoyed participating in the Sacrament Meeting Primary Program today.  This is a special once-per-year event.  My girls were asked to recite two verses (1 Corinthians 3: 16-17) together, as well as answer the questions which comprised the whole program.  They did wonderfully well.  They are a joy.  I'm so glad they love the Lord SO much!  I'm thankful for a quiet compliment given when someone asked how much weight I'd lost so far.  It's nice to feel that it's visible.  I'm very thankful for a quiet day at home.

Monday, October 24, 2011:  I'm thankful for the workout I enjoyed with Tamilee Webb.  When I have some money to spend on me (some day... maybe?)  I'm going to see about buying her "Tighter Assets" videos.  I recorded some of this type a number of years ago when we got TV stations and they are AWESOME.  However, they are only 18-20 minutes long and I have to do 2 to feel like I got my workout on (read: the sweat really starts pouring by the beginning of the second one).  Today begins week NINE of exercising 6 days each week!  I can hardly believe it.  Each time Monday arrives I'm amazed that I'm one number higher in this goal/effort.  It doesn't feel like so much!!!

I'm grateful for a quiet day at home with FHE at Gramy and Gramy's house tonight.  Life is good.  I'm so grateful for it and for my family!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011:  I'm thankful for my third daughter, Therisa!  Tea turned 3 today!  She's been saying she was 3 for almost all of her 2 year... I think, though, she's quite okay with being three, now.  :)  This lil' gal is quite a character.  She is the developer of the "Tea Lip," which is reminiscent of the Elvis lip curl, if you can imagine THAT on a sweet cherub looking little girls face with a bob hair cut... well, then, that's my Tea.  She is SMART.  She LOVES to learn and constantly asks to do her "reading class" and what's most impressive to me about that is that she seems to truly understand the difference between the "M" and "S" sounds now!  It should be interesting to see if she's my earliest reader.  So far both Ria and Kat have been strong readers at 4 years old... Tea could totally be where they've been at 4 THIS YEAR, if she keeps on like she has been...  Oh, AND I'm able to sit with her as much as she would like!  ;)  She is an amazing helper when she's motivated.  She LOVES to eat... so when she sees that a meal is just about ready, she does something neither Kat nor Ria have done: she determines to get the eating utensils and places them at the correct places for each person to eat.  And, YES!, she does put enough out for each of us!  She's a DOLL, I tell you!  :)  And SO smart!  ^_^  So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Tea-D!!!!  This Mama LOVES you!!!

I'm grateful for the workout I enjoyed with Tamilee Webb this morning.  It was quite good.  I'm grateful for the gift and blessing of being able to garden with a friend.  We got her oasis nicely weeded... keeping the small growth under control.  :)  I look forward to working with her again next week!  I'm grateful for the time our "adoptive" Gramy and Grampy came to spend with us for Tea's birthday meal and treat.  We're instituting a new Family Tradion with regard to birthdays.  We've been doing the birthday meal: choice of the birthday kid.  But now we're adding a change.  Instead of birthday cake and ice cream, we're doing a special birthday treat.  It could be most anything, really.  Today, for instance, we had butterbear a la Harry Potter-style.  It was YUM.  And SUCH a hit that the birthday treat tradition was a SUPER easy sell!  We may (probably will) have cake and ice cream for/at the 4 year birthday parties (we have a big party every 4 years until each child is 16, then have them at 18 and 21, too).  :)  I do NOT feel stressed by birthdays the way other Mothers do.  I love LOVE love them!

I'm grateful for the GOOD time we all enjoyed peacefully in our home before Jess went to work.  I'm grateful for the good quiet time the girls had and the GOOD evening we all enjoyed.  Life is GOOD!!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011:  I'm thankful for the workout I enjoyed with Tamilee Webb.  Got my sweat on... YEAY!  ^_^

I'm grateful for the opportunity to Visit Teach a sister who is "new" on my route!  She is wonderful!!!  I already knew it, but it's lovely to realize new ways she's wonderful.  ^_^  I'm grateful for gifts from loving friends and loans from other loving individuals!  Jimmy will be a squirrel for Halloween.  Jessie is just tickled about that!  Can't you just imagine?  Baby as squirrel, Jessie as hunter... since he does hunt and fix up squirell for us to eat...  hehehehe  ^_^

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