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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Helpful Weight Related Links


Explanation and tiny demo

Leg Lift thingy ANOTHER more complete

Back Fat butterfly exercise

Thread the Needle - lower body, about 4 minutes

Lunges the T-Tapp way

Twist the T-Tapp Twist; midsection

Turbo Charge Fat Burning all day

Tricep tightening And another

Foot Fitness the T-Tapp way

Walking workout to step away inches

Balance with T-Tapp

With the Broom


A Great Yoga Sequence for weight loss.

Hatha Yoga Flow 4: 55 minute class.  Lots of longer classes in the side bar, too!  :)

After-Baby Body Full Program

Low Impact Exercises

The Firm for weightloss

Interesting Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss: Beginners (not my favorite teacher)

Tamilee Webb

Buns of Steel 2000 on YouTube 55 minutes

Abs of Steel 2000 on YouTube 55 minutes

Thighs of Steel 2000 on YouTube 54 minutes

Arms and Abs of Steel 2000 on YouTube 55 minutes

Bikini Body Workout free online

Flirty Girl Fitness Upper Body

Legs of Steel 2000 on YouTube 56 minutes

Zumba Basics 1 hour

Zumba one version

Freelea interesting fruit vegan and what she has to say.

Crazy Guy Exercises... I'm gunna try to get to doin'!  :)


Crazy Fast Cardio

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