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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Soliloquy: #22: My Uni (Campus Joondaloop)

My school, Edith Cowan, was/is beautiful.  And the campus I lived very near is located in a very nice neighborhood.

One of the interesting things about that neighborhood were the fences.  I actually did a study on that in my art class for my final project in that course.  The variety was amazing and wonderful!  There are lots of fences around houses in the States, I know, but the VARIETY around the houses near my school was really amazing.

I loved the art studio on the campus.  I know that art and writing helped me amazingly while I was there, so it's a huge blessing of that time of my life that I took the courses I took while there because I didn't technically "need" most of them for my degree.  Life is awesome and it's wonderful to see how things work out when we have the clarify of 20/20 vision that is possible when we look into the past, isn't it!?

I do NOT remember my campus looking like this when I attended, but it has been MANY moons since I was there.  How cool would this be to see upon entry!!??


I DO remember the library.  Also very nice looking, don't you think!?


Beautiful, right?!!??  I did love the asthetics of it all.  Similar, yet also very different from what I'm used to.  :)

Photos from Wikipedia.

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