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Monday, February 17, 2014

Meditation Monday #59: Almost Missed, but going strong

This last week was a bit more chaotic than has become my norm.  I missed walking each day which threw my daily schedule out o whack.  Not a good thing.  I definitely prefer my regular schedule to the way things went this past week.

Some of my thoughts while meditating:
-During one meditation, I had a great idea for a post I hope to sell to a blogger.

-Another day I was pondering on the oneness of everything (Mandlebrot Set-style).  In particular, I saw so clearly how we are just like the earth with our own sort of equator.  Our equator is not around our waist, though...  It is in line with our spine from the top of our head to the line in our bum, under and back up the front makes our equator.  This is very apparent to me as we finish out this winter choosing not to use any sort of heater more than hotspots, which are truly amazing pieces of technology!  You can purchase a couple HERE if you're interested.  They are reusable AND non-toxic, too, which is awesome.

-I was feeling particularly bloated and, really, fat another day last week.  During meditation I felt a challenge.  Basically, it was a question something like: "Would you be willing to stay fat if that was best for you and what God wanted?"  I've yearned to be thin the whole time I haven't been (I have been a couple times and really didn't think I was thin enough... definitely wasn't healthy enough).  Anyway... I felt this challenge and pondered on it for a moment while I meditated and then realized that YES, of course I would.  I hope that's not God's Plan for me, but if it is, I will accept it and choose joy through all of it.  I felt and feel unburdened somehow.  Very interesting, huh?

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Malia said...

Interesting post. Sounds like meditation is a great way to relax and give your self time to really think!

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