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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tricky Tuesday: Wool Dryer Balls Review by Tori

I received one set of wool dryer balls to facilitate this review.

Have you ever heard of using balls of wool in your dryer?  Whether you have or have not, you may wonder why anyone would do such a thing.  I did!  I'd heard about the practice, but didn't understand it.  Once I understood why some people did it I thought, "Well, I don't use dryer sheets anyway, so I'll just skip that expense."  Our budget is tight, so I prefer to avoid spending money when it's not necessary.

Then I was given some wool dryer balls as a baby gift.  I must admit I was not as excited as I should've been.  The balls I was given looked like yarn wrapped into a ball like I do when my skein gets too limp.

I used them and was pretty impressed.

Somehow (with five children "helping") both balls went missing.  I was bummed.

Then I happened upon the opportunity to review wool dryer balls by Maple Hill Naturals.  I was so excited!  I do realize that may sound silly, but I was really excited!

You see, using wool dryer balls after not using any fabric softener or dryer sheets for years REALLY spoiled me!  Even the little yarn-wrapped balls made a difference.  Obviously! I wanted them and couldn't find them!

When I opened my package from Maple Hill Naturals, I was expecting to see what I'd had before, but did not.  These balls are like my other ones... on steroids!  These balls are not yard wrapped into the shape of a ball.  They are un-spun wool that is wrapped into ball-shape.

If you are a heavy laundry-chemical user, please do not jump into using dryer balls and expecting the exact same results.  You will not get the exact same feel in your laundry as when using fabric softener and dryer sheets.  However, you and your family will be healthier for changing to wool dryer balls because the chemical cocktail in all that stuff you can replace with Maple Hill Naturals dryer balls is really horrible for the physical system of living things.  Seriously.

I have definitely noticed that drying time with my wool dryer balls is lower (using less electricity, YEAY!).

Remember, we have not used dryer sheets or fabric softener in years... I find my laundry feels lighter somehow and definitely fluffier when I use dryer balls.

According to the packaging, these balls will last for years and can be recharged for improved performance.  I believe it!

Another difference between the smaller yarn balls and these buff un-spun wool balls is that they seem to collect fewer globs of lint on them.  Nice.

If you have been curious about wool dryer balls, I totally encourage you to check out Maple Hill Naturals.  They have a sale going the last time I checked, but even without a sale, they are totally worth the asking price!

If you've been searching for an alternative to that chemical cocktail used in laundering... BUY THESE!!!  Seriously!  You can use wekeepchoosingus as a coupon code for 25% off your entire order at maplehillnaturals.com.  Limit 1 coupon per customer, excludes any other coupons. Keep in mind that this coupon code expires 3/25/14.

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