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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Working Wednesday #2

Last Wednesday (October 23, 2013) was an interesting day, for sure!  The weather forecast was iffy, but I went out just the same.  Setup was a little damp because it had rained, but our feet dried quickly.  A quiet day turned a little windy.  I put stakes in my tent.  They were no match.  The wind flipped it... of course, while I was nursing.

God is ALWAYS mindful.  A wonderful family who would've likely passed right by if not for the dire circumstances, stopped to help.  Amy held me so I could hold myself together.  I literally felt like our Father placed a Godly Mama in my path in that moment to hold me and enable me to NOT freak out.  She just hugged me and spoke soothing, comforting, uplifting words to my heart.  Amy was wonderful.  Before she started hugging me, she had directed assistance.  At least one of my peers (a spot away from me) came over to right my tent.  It could've been more... things were a bit of a blur for me.  Seriously.  I didn't actually cry (because I was held in a wonderful tight hug that enabled me to hold it together), but my eyes were sure full and I really couldn't see clearly.  Amy directed her children who were with her, Amber and Tim, to work together to right the tent.  They also partially unzipped my walls to hopefully prevent the "kite effect" that has caused liftoff.  Amanda was standing in shock, I think, holding tight to her stroller, but provided such sweet words of comfort when I was able to stand on my own.  (I really feel like Amy helped me to keep standing in some literal and figurative ways!!!)  Praise God for being so very mindful of me!  He is ALWAYS Good!!!

As a result of my cover taking flight, I was very on edge through the rest of the hours we were at the market.  (8:08pm when I looked at the clock just now.)  I can only imagine that my concern over the wind and resulting anxiety over discovering that a metal part of my tent was completely broken was quite constricting and prickly... pushing potential customers away rather than attracting them.  Praise the Lord, for He had provided a few early customers, which resulted in a day of sales almost exactly half what they were the previous week (my first week outside).

While I would not wish the tent/kite experience on anyone, it was (as are all dark cloud sort of trials) thickly lined with beautiful, wonderful silver!  I Praise our Father God for providing customers before the experience AND the experience itself because it provided me such sweet interactions as He provided me with the wonderful Godly family who helped me so tremendously!!!  Isn't life just AMAZING!??!!

I was early blessed in my day to see Stacy at my tent.  She came to see my setup and expressed pleasure at it's appearance.  I sure do want to see hers now!  Maybe soon.  She also came by as she departed and we exchanged reports of the day.  She, also, had done about half as well as the preceeding week.  SO interesting!

My husband came to walk around with our children (and look for something among the vendors at the Market).  In speaking with the fella I could see who helped right my tent, my husband learned that where I was usually did about the same business as the busier looking part of the market.  Very interesting.

I was also blessed with a departing interaction with neighboring vendors who stopped to chat with me before they completely left.  I honestly cannot remember WHY they initially stopped, but through the brief interaction, I was able to learn a couple interesting things... one of them something that I used to believe I was very lonesome in doing/knowing/believing.  So... Father is using my work as a Lilla Rose Consultant to enable me to surround myself with others who know stuff.  I feel very much as if He is working to build a network of people who will be important to me for a good long time.  I sure look forward to seeing how this impression plays out!

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vicki said...

So sorry about the fly away tent yet grateful that you had angels about!

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