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Saturday, November 2, 2013

What Do YOU Think?

There's a new Flexi of the Month out now and going fast.  I think it's beautiful.  What do YOU think?  Click over to my replicated website to buy yours now... or, better yet, click over to my eldest daughter's Lilla Rose Party to register as a guest and/or place an order.  The party will close a day or two after November 16th (the day of the house party), so if you choose to help my girl by ordering through her party, your order will ship AFTER the party closes.  Just want to fully disclose.  :)

If you're up for it, you are hereby cordially invited to join in the Facebook party I'm holding (real time) online the same day as her in Home Party.

Additionally, I'm adding to my business adventures.  Have you heard the word?  Do you know?  Well, I've been crocheting since I was a preteen... tween... sometime quite a good many years ago now (around when I was 10, I think).  I decided to sell what I make as there is desire from my friends/family/readers/followers.  I am taking orders.  I have a few pictures and will share more as I make more items for sale.  If you have a special request, I'm happy to get to work on that, too!

This is the monkey style I have available.
Currently available in purple (with pink, as in the picture),
 pink (with purple), blue (with green), and green (with blue).
$15 plus shipping.
Special request colors for only $18

I also have elephants, giraffes, and owls.

Just a bit bigger than the monkey.  $12 plus shipping

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