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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I'm thankful for slow days and family time.  I'm grateful for family traditions and trying new things in a safe and comfy way.

We are regular Americans here in the Gollihugh household.  We do things a bit differently, here and there.  One tradition we changed happens to be for Thanksgiving.  We decided (maybe the children and I and Jessie has sorta just gone along with it??) that we would forego the traditional turkey dinner on Thanksgiving.

It happened very "organically" last year.

A couple nights before Thanksgiving last year we had a hankerin' for sushi.  We didn't have much of the makings, but we had a few things (like the ingredients to make sushi rice and nori, so we made a go of it).  Actually... Jessie MADE it, I just encouraged him along.  And MAN! did he make a GO of it!  We ended up with what we'll call "redneck sushi" and it was fabulous!  We had a roll with green apples in it, a spicy tuna roll made of tun from a can, and another few rolls.  It was scrumptious!

All that wonderful redneck sushi made us want more, so we went to the store and purchased a few things and planned to have more for Thanksgiving.  Since we were going to have sushi, we decided to make it an Asian meal.  I prepared lumpia (with two sauces), okonomiyaki, and Jessie made lots and lots of sushi rolls!  It was AWESOME!  We had okonomiyaki for a few days after.  The children still remember all of it (including the leftovers) with fondness!

This year, the requests were Taiwanese or Thai.  Well, as it happens, Taiwanese food is very much like Chinese.  It would've taken me a great deal more research time to find some authentic Tiawanese recipes.  It's a little easier to find Thai recipes (or, as we've coined it: Thai-ican recipes).  So, we had a lovely Thai dinner for our Thanksgiving dinner and it was FABULOUS!

We had Green Chicken Curry on Jasmine rice, cold broccoli salad, butternut squash cakes, butternut squash biscuit pudding, butternut squash spice bread, and pineapple banana coconut milk shake!  MAN!  Our bellies are very very FULL!

God is good.  Even when things in my life don't feel quite as wonderful as they do right now.  God is GREAT!



Linda Loosli said...

This looks yummy! Thanks for stopping by Friday with Friends! Hugs! Linda

Tori said...

It WAS! You're welcome. Thank you for hosting! ^_^

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