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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Working Wednesday #5

My Ria's Lilla Rose Party turned out quite well.  She is very pleased with it's conclusion, as am I.

The Farmer's Market(s) are not happening because my tent is STILL in disrepair.  :(  I'm hoping for some satisfactory resolution very soon.

I continue to work on building my business online by seeking out bloggers with whom to do reviews and giveaways.  It could be a bit of work for bloggers, but they get a Free Flexi from me... if you love this hair jewelry or are looking for something comfy AND beautiful to hold your hair, it is totally worth it.  The bloggers I have worked with have been wonderful so far!

Networking can help our businesses and lives, too... Did you know more than 1/2 of job-seekers find their employment through networking?  I'm not really sure how to do it... the whole networking thing.... so it's like I'm feeling my way in the dark.  I know there are classes and online things you can pay for to teach about those things, but I just don't want to spend what I'm making for that.  I guess I'm willing to spend my time more than money.  Praying for leading always!

Being a Mama is always lots of work... especially as a Homeschooling Mama.  I'm definitely still doing that!  And my laundry room floor was actually bare at least once this week!  HA!!!  ^_^

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