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Friday, November 22, 2013


They are what get us in to trouble.

Agree or disagree?


Jenny said...

Like most things in life, expectations can be a double edged sword. Although they can get us into trouble when expectations are not met - whether we are disappointed with ourselves or with others, it is important to not go to the opposite extreme of having no expectations to aspire to. Moderation in all things seems once again to be the key. Have expectations but be realistic and flexible too.

Victoria Carn. said...

You know sometimes, I think we are letting go of our expectations so much now, that we are getting worse as humans. I have had a 'expect nothing and be surprised' attitude for a long time and I am beginning to feel like I short changed myself. I should have expected better from some people so maybe, they might have thought I believed in them. Instead I allowed them to be lazy and treat me with less than I deserved when I should have been given better.... sorry, struck a nerve. Can you tell? lol, ~ Victoria

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