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Monday, November 11, 2013

Meditation Monday #46

I'm sick.  I was sick yesterday.  I'm still meditating daily.  Most days it's the minimum of: open, 7 minute kirtan kriya, 3 minutes anger meditation, 3 minutes conquering anger meditation, close.  But I'm still DOing it!

Do you realize some of the time contraints in my life that I could (and did in the past) use as excuses for NOT doing meditation or other things that consume time and are good for our physical/spirit systems?  I'm a homeschooling Mama.  I have 5 children.  I am overweight (which means, in my experience of it and with others who are: I'm ALWAYS tired to a degree greater than "normal").  I am a business owner.  My husband is a Chef (which means he's not really around while awake  much).  My fifth child is 5 months old (I have meditated almost every day since she was 4 days old).

Very recently I learned the real definition of excuse.  Excuse: a well-planned lie.  Yep.  I'm working toward not using excuses.

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