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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Working Wednesday #4

I continue to work hard to market myself and my businesses, primarily Lilla Rose.  I am working to increase my efforts at marketing my crocheted items, too.  I've crocheted since I was around 10 years old and am pretty good at it.  I'm even an award winning crocheter, matter-of-fact.  I am very pleased about that bit of info.  ^_^

I didn't get to go to the Volusia County Fairgrounds Farmer's Market last Wednesday because the part for my tent that I received was wrong again.  We ordered a new one and it's STILL wrong.  I'm going to miss my Wednesday market day yet AGAIN.  I'm especially sad about it because the County Fair is going on and that means LOTS more traffic than normal.  Trying to look on the bright side... I was pretty sick on Sunday and Monday.  Maybe I need the break?  Working to resolve this newest problem.

If you like what I do here, I hope you'll check me out on Facebook by searching for TNJNT!  I would love to hear from you here AND there.  I would love to develop a community feeling with you.  As it stands, I don't really feel like I know my audience very well.  I know a few of the ladies who post and comment regularly.  I sure would like to know more of you!  One benefit to you of me knowing you... I can cater what I do to you and for you.  I sure would like to!

These cuties are examples of my work.
You can order these guys in purple (with pink,
as pictured, blue with green, green with blue, and more!)
$15 each plus shipping
drop me a line if you're interested

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