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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Birthday

Did you know this is my birthday month?  (Wedding anniversary, too!)  Perhaps because of those reasons for celebrating, I would love to give a gift to everyone.  However, at this time in my journey, I'm limited by availability of funds.  So, instead, I'm going to give someone some Free Lilla Rose!  Just participate in the Rafflecopter and you could be the one who gets a birthday gift from the birthday girl!  ^_^

If you'd like to give me a fabulous birthday gift: Join my team!  I'd love to have a few more Consultants with whom to rejoice and brainstorm.  This business is truly one's one, but we are not on our own.  When you sign up with me, you become a part of a group of truly Lovely Ladies!


Melissa Gill said...

What day is your birthday?

2012july/Cheryl Grandy said...

I've heard of Lilla Rose and have looked at their products online. I've never bought any or talked to any consultants, so I'm not a customer of any consultant.

Tori said...

Melissa, my birthday is December 16th.

Cheryl, that's good news. :)

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