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Monday, December 16, 2013

Meditation Monday #50

I've been able to share meditation, the idea of Kundalini Yoga, with a few people in real life lately.  It's so exciting to hope that I might, just by sharing this awesome technology, help a few others to experience the changes I've enjoyed as a result of my meditation practice.  I sure do hope they feel the peace that has come to me.  Of course, it didn't happen after one experience with meditation.

Can you believe I've been meditating using Kundalini Yoga for 18+ months now?  Well, I can hardly believe it's been so long.  Exciting and wonderful!

I've had a very busy week and, as a result, I had less available time for meditation.  I didn't do Kirtan Kriya every single day last week.  I still did all of my 40 Day Challenge forms of meditating, though.  YEAY!!  :) So, I'm going strong!

Praise the Lord for turning this chaotic girl into a lady who is becoming consistent in lots of ways!!!

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